The Goose by Emily Polyblank

Great Bower Barn

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About Great Bower

Our farm venue is a working small holding with, sheep, geese and egg laying poultry.
There is a huge variety of wildlife around the grounds. Skylarks flutter, singing over the barn and valley. Also in the valley sometimes you can see deer as you look across to Kingswood. Owls and bats swoop around the orchard and farm yard.

The farm and up keep of the venue is looked after by the family.
My mother, Linda, and her partner Glyn, Jules, my husband, and me, Emily.


Our dogs are also very much a part of the family and can often be seen running around the farm.


There is a lovely gaggle of geese, some of which are over 20 years old, which reside around the pond and stables.


All our birds have full run of the farm and open space. During the warmer months we have sweet broods of tiny bantam chicks.


We have a small flock of sheep at Great Bower that are very friendly and love attention. They have the run of the fields for most of the year, except when there is a wedding as we need a car park and camping area. Then they happily graze in an orchard and can still be visited by children.



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