Great Bower Barn exclusive wedding venue in rural Kent

About Kents secret venue, Great Bower Barn

The barn has been in the family for 50 years. The roof has been rebuilt by Glyn, a member of the family. It has been used more and more for family functions, weddings, art shows, events, etc.  From the farmyard side of the barn huge wooden doors open out to a view of the farmyard, the pond and the family house which dates back to the tenth century. This side of the barn enjoys the warmth of the afternoon and evening sun. The other side of the barn (below) has two lots of very large glass doors which open out to a view of the sloping valley and fields which sweep across to Kings Wood. Unlike a marquee our barn is always water and wind proof!!

Great Bower Barn

The farm

Our farm venue is a working small holding with, sheep, geese and egg laying poultry.
There is a huge variety of wildlife around the grounds. Skylarks flutter, singing over the barn and valley. Also over the vast view sometimes you can see deer as you look across to Kingswood. Owls and bats swoop around the orchard and farm yard.

The farm and up keep of the venue is looked after by the family.
My mother, Linda, and her partner Glyn, Jules, my husband, and me, Emily.

Jules and myself